"There's no better teacher than real-life examples of actual published children's stories and articles with the 'story behind the story'--the hows and whys of the authors' roads from ideas to published pieces. This book is 84 of those real-life examples in one place-188 pages of pure motivation and inspiration."

Susan Tierney, Editor, Children's Writer



Dear Writer,


      Some say that real life is the best teacher of all.  If so, this new book provides years worth of learning from the writers who lived through the creation and selling of the 84 stories and articles presented in this new anthology, Best of the Children's Market.


      Users of the book tell us that, aside from being a terrific "mirror on the market," it is so inspirational and motivational that, after reading through it, they immediately set to work on their own stories and articles with renewed energy and resolve.


      Best of the Children's Market features 84 writers' own inspirational stories on how they created the ideas for their stories and articles, how they developed them, and how they marketed and sold the pieces to publishers.


84 stories and articles from 49 leading children's magazines


      Best of the Children's Market offers a real life look at what today's kids are reading and editors are buying.  Its 84 stories and articles are the best examples we could find in all genres and age-groupings.  They are taken from 49 leading children's magazines.


      Magazines represented include Highlights for Children, Ladybug, Spider, Cricket, Ranger Rick, Jack And Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Seventeen, Pockets, Boys' Life, Calliope, AppleSeeds, Footsteps, Cobblestone, U*S* Kids, My Friend, Guideposts, Guideposts for Teens, Girls' Life, Odyssey, Skipping Stones, Boys' Quest, Hopscotch, Muse, Teen, YM, New Moon, Jump, and 21 more.  


You'll see how 84 authors wrote to editors' specifications. 
You'll hear the different voices that work with various age groups
You'll witness successful choices on pacing, vocabulary, sentence structure, and complexity levels. 
You'll read humor, adventure, sports, problem stories, science fiction, historical pieces, profiles, social and personal issue pieces. 
You'll read humor, adventure, sports, problem stories, science fiction, historical pieces, profiles, social and personal issue pieces. 


      This teaching anthology contains a lot of valuable insight from the authors on instructional subjects such as:


Revising your stories and articles How to structure stories
How to write dialogue Using the best point of view
How to set scenes Word limits
Focusing your writing Researching the market
Researching nonfiction Use of sidebars and anecdotes
Structuring articles Queries
Write what you know . . .
ideas from your life

And much more


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Pamela G. Kelly
Director of Instruction


      "Best of the Children's Market is the best when it comes to learning what editors are looking for. Not only will you find example after example of crisp, vivid writing, you'll find the story behind the story form the authors themselves. This is an invaluable teaching anthology."

--Andrea Vlahakis, author of Christmas Eve Blizzard
and graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature



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